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NOTE: The youtube video downloader portion of TubeSucker is CURRENTLY NOT WORKING FOR ALL VIDEOS AT THIS TIME.

TubeSucker's media player and its converter for videos and pictures are still working, and are free for all to use. Please check back occasionally to see if we have fixed the video downloader portion.

Download it Here ==> TubeSucker.msi   v. 5.6.002    It's Free ...and Certified Safe

Note: Close all browsers and applications before installing. Hit the "Continue" (Or Ignore) button if you receive an error during the install and all will be good.

You will also need an FLV Codec to play the videos. To get one for free, and for oher info, please see System Requirements.

For WIndows 7 and Vista installations, you must install TubeSucker while logged on as Administrator. You must also make TubeSucker's directory writeable for all Windows users by setting security permissions, and unchecking the Read-Only checkbox. See Instructions in System Requirements.When you run TubeSucker, right click the icon to run in compatiblity mode.

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Download 8 Videos at a time with Turbo version

Apple IPhone 3G


TubeSucker's Media Control Center, with its easy-to-use built-in media player, lets you do everything you would want with all of your media files in one easy-to-use seamless system. Everything you need is all right there in one application, which makes the whole process of viewing, and emailing videos seamless and fun. TubeSucker is loaded with too many features to even list, but it is the integration of all of those features into a single easy-to-use system that makes all the difference.

You can even use a hand-held remote control that controls the playback of all your video, music, and pictures from your PC.   Then the whole thing really comes together, especially with TubeSucker's Directory-File-Matrix Player in combination with the Turbo version.

Send the video output from your PC to your television and the remote control makes it feel just like regular television. It's great with projectors too.

We are humbled by the success of TubeSucker and the overwhelmingly positive responses from our vast worldwide user base. Many people have written us and told us that they really love this software.


YouTube Video Downloader


TubeSucker is Certifed to be SAFE and contain NO SPYWARE, etc. by, BestDownloads, SoftPedia, and scores of other trusted software download websites.


Support   See our Support Page  for the answer to many questions, or feel free to Contact Us

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