Image To SVG

ImageToSVG lets you convert an image, from a file or live webcam, to an SVG file with just one click.

The SVG files created can then be imported into NewRAD's GCode Draw software, and from there you can edit the drawings, center it in frame, add text and graphics and then generate GCode from the drawing. Then you can send that GCode to the NewRAD CNC controller with just one click, and then run it. NewRAD CNC is integrated with GCode Draw for a seamless experience from design to generating GCode to running it on a CNC machine.

Download it here:  ImageToSVGSetup.exe

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Load image and generate outline based on selected filter

Convert Image To SVG Format

Click on SVG button. Set threshold to adjust heaviness. Click "+" button for more SVG settings.

NewRAD CNC Software Suite

Image To SVG
GCode Draw

Image To SVG is part of NewRAD's suite of CNC software products, which includes NewRAD CNC, a luxurious GRBL controller, and GCode Draw, a powerful 2D Draw program and GCode Generator that is integrated into NewRAD CNC which makes for a much easier design-to-print CNC solution. The 3 CNC software products work together seamlessly, designed for rapid fire CNC fun.

Edit Drawings from SVG files in GCode Draw

Using GCode Draw, you can Convert an SVG File to GCode Draw format, then edit it, adding text, graphics, etc. And then generate GCode from the drawing and send it to the integrated NewRAD CNC Controller.

Convert SVG file Into GCode Draw format, and load drawing in GCode Draw

Select Area with mouse

Selected Area In Red

Drag Selected Area To New Location

Select Artifacts To Delete

Artifacts Selected

Artifacts Deleted using the Delete key

Webcam Screen

Webcam Screen

Webcam Screen

Download it first to see that it will install and run on your PC first. You must purchase and activate it before you can generate SVG files from photos or a webcam.

Download it here:  ImageToSVG.exe

Image To SVG $39.95  
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