Big Voice Email

Send voice emails to friends.

No more typing.

Record your voice and email it to your friends

Sends the file in a highly compressed ".wma" file format playable with Windows Media Player.

Works with Micrsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.
Compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Download: BigVoiceEmailFreeVersion.exe ....a tiny 502 KB - Free Version

(Voice Email messages are limited to 11 seconds of recording time for each message with the free version.)

Or you buy the real unlimited version via Credit Card/PayPal for immediate download

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Congratulations! You just found the best voice email program on the internet. You won't find an easier, smaller or better sounding voice email program.  It's only $15.  Don't waste your time searching for and installing inferior voice email products which are either more expensive, have poorer sound quality, bigger message files and are more complicated and difficult to use. Come on... save your time and buy the world's premier voice email product now and be done with it.


How To Install BigVoiceEmail:

Download Big Voice Email (BVE) and save it to a directory on your hard drive. Locate the "BigVoiceEmail.exe" file with Windows Explorer, and then simply double-click on it to run the installation program.  Big Voice Email will install itself . To run BVE after it is installed, just click on Start, Programs, and then Big Voice Email like any normal Windows program.  It could not be any easier.

How To Use BigVoiceEmail:

Just Click Record and record your message. Then click Stop. And then Click the Mail button. It will open a new mail message with your recorded message as a file attachment in WMA format.  From there just add the recipient's email address and hit Send.  Of course, you can also add text to accompany the voice email message if you like.

Even better, just hit the space bar three times. On the first time it will record your message, the second space bar will stop recording, and the third time you hit the space bar it pops up a new mail message with the WMA file as an attachment. Very very easy.

There are also hot-keys available: Alt-R for Record, Alt-S for Stop, Alt-P for Play and Alt-M for Mail. 

Note: Software developers can control Big Voice Email from within their own programs they are developing by sending the hot-key keystrokes to the Big Voice Email application.

How big are the voice email message files?

The voice email files are tiny because they are compressed into a WMA format (Windows Media Audio format). This allows them to be transmitted via email more easily.  A one minute message is only about 360K.    A 5 minute message is about 1.7MB.   And 8 1/2 minute message is less than 3 MB.
How does it sound?

It sounds great!  The messages are surprising clear . ...AND small.  Check out some of the samples below.

Examples of people sending us voice emails with Big Voice Email.

Martin from UK   (1 minute, 2 seconds, 512KB) (A testimonial of a blind user who loves the ease and accessibililty of Big Voice Email.)

Ian from Australia   (35 seconds, 286 KB) (internet marketer that uses Big Voice Email to respond to emails much quicker without typing.)

Barry "The Bear" from North Hollywood, California, USA    (11 seconds, 92 KB)  (check out this guy's announcer voice)

Martin from Chesterfield, Moussouri, USA    (14 seconds, 115 KB) (likes the simplicity of use)

Dawne from USA   (11 seconds, 96KB) (excellent sound quality, spoken with steady volume and mic proximity.)


 Support and Trouble Shooting
The most common problem is that nothing is recorded when you use your microphone to record a message.  This is usually because the Windows Audio "Recording" Mixer's microphone input line is not enabled.  To do this, click Start/Programs/Accessories/Entertainment/Volume Control. Then click on Options/Properties and then select "Recording Mixer" and enable the microphone input.
For better instructions and more information please see Support and Troubleshooting
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