NewRAD Professional Services and Software Sales Client List (since 1984)



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List of Clients
Provided Services and/or Software
Telecom Industry Clients

MCI Telecommuncations Corporation

British Telecom, PLC
WorldCom, Inc.

BellSouth, Inc.

Excel Communications, Inc.

Insurance Industry Clients
Aegon Insurance, Inc.
Equity Reinsurance, Inc.
Managing General Partners, Inc.
Global Reinsurance, Inc.
Other Industries
Computer Language Research Corporation (CLR) (FastTax)

Tandy, Inc. (Radio Shack)

Bristol Suites, Inc.

Greyhound Lines, Inc

Marketing Corporation of America

Business Software, Inc.

Affiliated Computer Systems, Inc.

And a multitude of smaller business clients in a wide range of industries including retail, software, real estate, construction, marketing, finance, insurance, media, professional services, etc.