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Save FLV Files To Hard Drive

Play FLV Files in Windows Media Player



Play FLV Files in Windows Media Player

If you want to play FLV files in Windows Media Player, then you need to download an FLV Codec. If you need to do that, then you are probably in the market for a FLV video downloader. TubeSucker is the best software out there for doing such tasks. There is info on the www.tubesucker.com website for obtaining the right FLV Codecs so that you can play FLV files in Windows Media Player. There is no easier way for downloading and playing FLV files than with TubeSucker. It is software that includes a video downloader, as well as a built-in Media Player. The fact that the whole system is integrated into one system is what gives it so much power. You can email videos links months later that are stored in the built in database. TubeSucker makes internet video downloading so easy anyone can do it. Check it out at www.newrad.com

TubeSucker - YouTube Video Downloader

Take a quick TubeSucker Video tour. (Super Search mode in the video is not currently available).

TubeSucker - YouTube Video Downloader makes downloading videos from the internet and watching them from your PC or TV quick and easy.

Type in a search topic or artist name, click and go!  Come back later and have tons of videos on your hard drive ready for instant playback.  Watch 1000's of videos on your hard drive with no internet delays.  

TubeSucker's Media Control Center, with its easy-to-use built-in media player, lets you do everything you would want with all of your media files in one easy-to-use seemless system. Everything you need is all right there in one application, which makes the whole process of downloading, viewing, and emailing videos seemless and fun. TubeSucker is loaded with too many features to even list, but it is the integration of all of those features into a single easy-to-use system that makes all the difference.

YouTube Video Downloader.

Send the video output from your PC to your television and the remote control makes it feel just like regular television.

YouTube Video Downloader  

You can even use a hand-held remote control that controls the playback of all your video, music, and pictures from your PC.   Then the whole thing really comes together



Download 8 at a time with TubeSucker Pro Turbo.

TubeSucker - YouTube Video Downloader


Watch videos fullscreen with remote with TubeSucker's built-in media player.

The built-In media player puts everything at your fingertips like no other system out there. The reason is because of the integration of all the processes you need into one seemless environment.

TubeSucker - YouTube Video Downloader


Integration is the Key

The key in TubeSucker's application design is the integration of all the components you need like a built-in web browser, 8 video downloaders, media player, emailer, and loads of specialty features all interacting with TubeSucker's internal video link database which gives you lots of control and efficiency.

This integration lets you work with your videos in a much more efficient way than is possible without TubeSucker.

The stored URL links of the videos you downloaded from youtube lets you email those links to friends later on.

Plus you get the ability to rate videos and the ratings are stored in the internal database. TubeSucker will automatically create playlists of your favorites, and sorted by most stars per the ratings you assigned to certain videos.

The internal database is just an Access database and is currently open for any developers to add on from there.

All specialy features take advantage of TubeSucker's internal database when possible. Some of the coolest specialty features are "Download Videos of My MP3's", "Make Web Page" of selected videos, Email youtube links to selected videos, Batch Download a list of YouTube URLs, Download Videos from Any Web Site, "Download All" videos per a search, youtube playlist page, youtube category page, or a youtube channel. TubeSucker is simply unstoppable.

TubeSucker is a "best of breed" application because it simply does more and does it better.

Download TubeSucker Here ==> TubeSucker.msi    It's Free







TubeSucker - YouTube Video Downloader

4 Levels of Features

TubeSucker (FREE Version)

Manually download a single video at a time.

Includes an easy-to-use built-in media player that lets you watch videos, listen to music, and browse through pictures, and easily email the links or files to friends. Includes many cool and novel features.

Why Buy It?

The premium versions allow for a much richer, more informative experience, because you can fly through 1000's of pre-downloaded videos at light speed. More videos equal more information per each minute of your precious time. One click downloads tons of videos you can scan later on. Scan through 800 videos instead of just 20 or 30. In the same amount of time. You never know what you might find. TubeSucker allows for the perfect internet video experience. Get the Turbo version. It has the power and speed you are looking for.

The features in listed in each version below are cummulatively.



TubeSucker Pro $24.95

Batch Download All  videos for a given search.  Click and go.  TubeSucker will crawl through YouTube and retrieve all the videos for your search, one right after the other. 

Send Voice Emails (without the 10 second limit on the free version)




TubeSucker Pro Turbo $39.95


(This is the one you want)

Simultaneously Download up to 8 videos at a time for a given search using the Download All function.

Run multiple copies on your PC at the same time, each running different searches, giving you the ability to download 8, 16, 24, even 32 videos at a time.

Download Videos of all your MP3's with one click. And then run it again for live in concert versions of your MP3's (or other type of music file). This incredible feature can yield extremely fun results.

Download Videos From ANY WebSite

Batch Download list of YouTube URL's

Ability to filter out search results and retrieve only videos that less than and/or greater than a given time length.   For example, you can retrieve all videos less than 20 seconds long.

And more.



TubeSucker Pro Turbo Remote $59.95

Allows you to control playback of your media files on your PC with an ATI remote control. You can then send video out from your PC to your TV or Projector, and control everything with a remote, just like watching television. 

This offer is for the software only. The required ATI Radeon video card with TV out and an ATI Remote Wonder remote control are not included, and must be purchased separately.

Includes the ability to save files downloaded from YouTube to their YouTube Video ID filenames instead of using the title of the video for the filename. This feature is for users of a more commercial nature, like internet ad agencies.